Tuesday, 16 June 2009

samudra, dunsborough

In a sudden wave of research on Thursday before we'd left for Eagle Bay, I'd discovered the existence of Samudra, a yoga and surf retreat in Dunsborough. Samudra has a real food philosophy, so I was very excited to give it a go, since we were going to be so close.

raw food wrap of the day

After perusing the menu, our friends wandered off to tackle the Dunsborough Bakehouse for meat-filled pies, and we settled in for some delicious somewhat-raw food. D ordered the Daily Sunwrap, the highlight of which was the delicious harissa. I ordered the lentil burger, featuring a delicious lentil and rice patty and some really great bread and avocado. Both of these were fantastic, though D complained that the sunwrap sat a little heavy for the rest of the afternoon.

lentil burger

We also ordered some fresh juices. D's kiwi fruit and rockmelon juice was amazing, which D loved despite a dislike of rockmelon (it was supposed to be watermelon juice). I ordered the orange and ginger, but sadly whoever made it didn't understand the power of ginger, and it was the most gingery drink ever, and I was unable to finish it. Fortunately everyone tried it (when they returned from the bakehouse), and Greg was able to drink about half of it before the ginger overwhelmed. A shame, as it was a very expensive juice (at $8.00).

Overall, a good meal, if a little on the expensive side.

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