Monday, 29 December 2008

anzac biscuits by sexy.greg

Went out this afternoon for a few hours of swing music, swing dancing and picnicking with some friends, down at the Subiaco Arts Centre Theatre Garden. We listened to the Darling Buds of May (D bought their CD) and nommed on delicious foods, mostly delicious foods that I spent an hour making this afternoon.

The courteous Dr Sexy.Greg (PhD) slightly altered the traditional Anzac biscuit recipe to provide us with very tasty sultana containing Anzac biscuits. Although the DVA may declare these not-quite Anzac biscuits, they were still very tasty, and would probably hold up well to the requisite sending overseas.

These biscuits were incredibly delicious, and I am glad my omni friends can accommodate us so delightfully.

sexy greg's anzac biscuits


Ricki said...

Beauty biscuits! I love Anzacs, and bet I'd enjoy this unconventional sultana version, too.

a vegan about town said...

they were very delicious! it's hard to mess up an anzac though.

Vegetation said...

I haven't made anzac bikkies for years! I really should, those ones look yummy!!

a vegan about town said...

vegetation, you should definitly give anzacs a go, they're always great!