Sunday, 30 March 2008

the moon, northbridge

The Moon has such a varied reputation in Perth. It's well-known as the late night munchie restaurant, and it's a bit smoky, and a bit skanky, whenever you pass on by.

At six, for an early evening meal, though, it's delightful. Last week a large group of us ventured in and sprawled out in the back room, taking up about half of that space. It was quite stifling, which was a bit uncomfortable, but the light was lovely and it was such a pleasant space to spend an hour of my evening.

The Moon's Vege Burger is a gigantic piece of work, piled high with vegetables and a delicious patty, spread across with pesto. The entire burger is vegan (or at least was last time I asked, and I assume it continues the same), and it's always too much for me to eat on my own.

The moon also does a tasty soy smoothie (not pictured).

There are not many other vegan things on the Moon's menu, but the burger, at the least, is worth it.

The Moon
2/323 William St

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