Sunday, 16 March 2008

little chutney's, subiaco

Last week saw us dropping in to Little Chutney's for dinner. It was a crowded Thursday night, but it was already half past eight by the time we were seated, so we didn't think this would lead to much of a wait. After randomly picking from the menu, we ended up waiting about forty-five minutes, which is not terrible but given the lateness of the evening, we were ravenous by the time the food arrived.

I was tempted by the cauliflower tandoori, having never tried any tandoori vegetable before. The cauliflower was soft and strongly spiced, and had an incredible flavour to it. We also ordered the pumpkin curry, which was slightly spicy and quite tasty, and some aloo parathas. Although our waiter had asked the kitchen if the curry and the cauliflower was vegan, I didn't think to ask about the parathas, and we think the parathas were basted at the end in ghee.

Still, my own culpability aside, the entire meal was delicious and enjoyable. Little Chutney's is a little expensive, but not prohibitively so, and I find that it is always worth the wait, and always worth the money, to dine there. The service is always friendly and delightful, and our waiter for the evening was friendly and giggly and attentive.

Gluten-free dishes are available, though they cannot guarantee dishes free from nuts.

Little Chutney's
67 Rokeby Rd

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