Sunday, 9 March 2008

istanbul turkish restaurant, fremantle

I was previously introduced to Istanbul Turkish Restaurant about six months ago, and since then have been looking for excuses to return. Yesterday D and I found ourselves in Fremantle at about lunch time, and sick of looking at menus where all we could eat was a fettuccine with tomato and basil sauce, I remembered it was located just one street over.

We seated ourselves at one of the footpath tables, and ordered the zebzeli patlican and the patatas ispanak pide, both to share. The zebzeli patlican, an eggplant and tomato dip, was slightly tart but the turkish bread with which it was served was fresh and crisp. The patatas ispanak was delicious, with the soft, slightly spicy potato adding a nice flavour to the spinach.

It was quiet, late yesterday afternoon, and the food was clearly freshly prepared and promptly served and it was a pleasure to people watch on the footpath in the afternoon sun. My previous visit was a Saturday night with a large group, the restaurant was packed and you had to weave to avoid the bellydancers but service was prompt then, too, and just as tasty.

The pricing is about average: the pide + entree cost $25. Gluten-free things are on the menu, though not a wide variety. A moderately-sized vegetarian menu with a few vegan choices, and a few more things that can be easily veganised. If you're dining with meat-eaters, the menu for them is also quite large, though they should just shut up and try the patatas ispanak, I was seriously delighted with it.

Istanbul Turkish Restaurant
19 Essex Street

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