Thursday, 1 September 2011

sissi & co, malvern

Last weekend was so beautiful and since I've never eaten at a single cafe, restaurant or eatery in Malvern (where Emilly lives), we decided to go on a brunch adventure. It was a lovely amble through Malvern, critiquing architecture and gardening choices, on our way to Sissi & Co, on Malvern Road.

the sugar

Sissi & Co is cute, with a design style that delights me and the benches and glass cabinets filled with food I can't eat but that looks cheerful, and lots of bright colours. This sugar pot, found only on the outside tables (along with pots of flowers and plants climbing the walls in the courtyard), took my fancy.

tomatoes and avocados

There was nothing immediately vegan on the menu for me to eat, but they were happy to remove the feta on my avocado and replace it with slow roasted tomatos, and not charge me anything extra for the privilege. And the slow roasted tomatos were delicious, and the avocado with a little sprig of thyme was excellent. A lovely brunch adventure!

Sissi & Co
1290 Malvern Road

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