Tuesday, 13 September 2011

lemon pepper cashews

I was bouncing around the house on Sunday night, all my chores completed and mainlining some television, when I thought I'd give this recipe for a cashew snack by Cindy and Michael a go. I wasn't sure about the lemon-salt-pepper-sugar combo, but their blog declared them 'universally addictive' and who am I to go past a description such as that?

They're so amazing that I left the container on the table with an airy instruction to Danni that she could try a couple, if she wanted; when I got back from my adventures in town, I discovered she'd eaten over half! It's a good thing they're easy and fast to make. A brilliant and delicious snack!

This is another remix for that recipe seems very familiar...

moreish cashews

lemon pepper cashews
originally at Where's the Beef

1 cup raw cashews
quarter cup sugar
salt and pepper to taste (generous portion - I was a bit timid and it definitely could have done with more)
zest of a medium-sized lemon

In a frypan over a medium-high heat, start stirring the cashews and the sugar. When the sugar starts to melt, lower the heat and keep stirring until the sugar is completely melted and the nuts are a lovely golden brown and completely covered in sugar. Turn off the heat and crack through some salt and pepper, then stir through the lemon zest.

Spread the cashews out on a lined baking tray and leave to cool. The baking paper is important, as the sugar will have started to caramelize and you don't want to lose any of its deliciousness from being stuck to a tray! Store in an air-tight container. Or eat them all.


Cindy said...

Haha... they really get to ya, don't they? I have no will power around those things.

steph said...

They're amazing!

Matt said...

This looks like an awesome idea.. I can't wait to give it a go. I might even try almonds (as I definitely get enough cashew in my diet, thanks to cashew cream :P)

K said...

I love these two, made another version with ginger and jasmine tea but just wasn't as addictive!

Hannah said...

I used to make the Union Square nuts regularly but had to stop myself because I kept eating the batch in a scarily small amount of time. I know I'll have the same issue with these, but I don't want to resist anymore...