Sunday, 14 August 2011

hong kong iii: gaia veggie shop

Despite having a Visa debit card which I had used just fine as a credit card all over Shanghai and Hong Kong, my hotel was unable to take an imprint of it and instead unexpectedly took a huge chunk of my cash as a security. As a result, by the time I hit dinner on my second day, I was running short of cash and reluctant to withdraw more. This is what led me to the Gaia Veggie Shop when I was in the area (visiting the flower market on instructions from Nan).

soup and porks

There is a review on Happy Cow that suggests that single diners be careful not to over order. I wish I had headed this advice. Pictured above is the pork noodle soup I ordered. It was super amazingly delicious, I was so happy to eat this. The mock pork was beautifully flavoured and delightfully crumbed, and the noodle soup had a hint of sweetness and I ate as much of it as I could. Towards the end, my Hokkien chicken finally came out (not pictured). It was okay, but there was no way I could eat more than a slice or two.

Gaia Veggie is a Cantonese Buddhist restaurant. There were no English speaking staff on the night I was there, but the menu is in Chinese with English subtitles and also has some handy pictures. It's a mostly vegan menu.

I loved my meal, and the service was fast though perfunctory, and I heard someone get in trouble for seating me next to the kitchen. The only problem I had was the tea and shoots which were given to me as I was seated, and were in fact secretly not free (10HKD).

Gaia Veggie Shop at the Pioneer Centre
Shop 135, 3/F
Pioneer Centre
750 Nathan Road

Get there on the MTR, Prince Edward Station (Not sure which exit, I actually walked up there from my hotel). Near the streets with the Ladies Market and the Electronics Market.

Accepts credit cards (min HK200).

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