Friday, 12 August 2011

china vi: annamaya, shanghai

I missed one of my Shanghai noms!

C and I ventured out to the French Quarter to visit the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre, a tiny little private museum. The museum is a little confusing to find, as it is located in the bottom of an apartment complex, but it is totally worth the visit. After we finished up there we were hungry and it was hot outside, and we didn't want to have to trek too far. Located just on the opposite side of the train station from us was Annamaya, a macrobiotic Japanese restaurant.

This place is adorable. It is tiny, with mismatching everything and a little hand written menu in Japanese and English. Vegan items are clearly marked, and there are many of them.

I went for the tofu steak, which is served with miscellaneous salads, sadly including one of my least favourite vegetables. The steak itself was delicious, though, and served with a really lovely vegan mayonnaise.

C had the curry of the day, which when I sampled it was also tasty.

Diners have the option of selecting directly from the menu, or choosing one of the set menus (which go salad-main-drink or salad-main-drink-soup).

There's lots of Buddhist and Ayurvedic literature available.

3 Taojiang Lu
near Hengshan Lu

Get there on line ten of the metro (Shanghai Library stop - 上海图书馆) or line one (Changshu Road stop - 常熟路). Two little steps up into the shop, the tables are close together and mine was wobbly. The toilet is out the back and is Japanese style (ie, has a seat warmer and a bidet and plays music) but is a little difficult to get to if you have accessibility issues.


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