Monday, 16 May 2011

nudel bar iii

Last week I caught up with Miss T Princess Vegan for after work drinks and dinner. After a very stressful Wednesday where I wasn't sure I'd ever leave the office, we met up at Lane's End where I ended up with a delicious cocktail which contained strawberries, mint and lemon in it, and then we tipsily wandered across the road to Nudel Bar.

Service on Wednesday was great. Super attentive and very vegan-ly helpful.

Mushroom noodles

We shared the mee goreng (with rice noodles instead of egg) and the vegetable and noodle dish, which as always was deliciously heavy on the mushrooms and contained my second favourite type of noodle, the flat rice noodles that go in CKT. Oh yeah.

We rounded out the meal with the sago pudding, which neither of us had before had. The pudding was chilled, and contained lotus and water chestnuts, served with a side of golden syrup. This was super delicious! I loved adding the sugary syrup, and it was fun to eat.

We also drank two pots of the most delicious Jasmine tea I've ever had. When we inquired, as there were some lovely flavour notes in it, we were informed that it's fresh tea, rather than dried. That was pretty delightful.

What a lovely evening!

visits one and two

Nudel Bar
76 Bourke St

gluten-free available


Fiona said...

But what is your FAVOURITE type of noodle, is the question

steph said...

My favourite noodle at Nudel Bar? Or my favourite noodle in the world?

a) the potato curry with rice noodles