Wednesday, 4 May 2011

home cooked perth noms

The other thing I do when I'm in Perth is eat things that people cook especially for me.

Welsh cakes

I don't know how to describe my levels of excitement when these Welsh cakes appeared in front of me! I went for afternoon tea with the Ex-Laws, and Nan went to experimental lengths to make me vegan Welsh cakes, and apparently they were just as they should be! Certainly I found them just as they should be (delicious), and had to fend off non-vegan interlopers who could have had their pick of the raspberry slice she'd brought, or the cupcakes already there, and instead tried to eat all my Welsh cakes. They were SUPER DELICIOUS, I will have more please!


On my first night at my parents' house I was way too tired (after five days in the con hotel with (surprise!) not a lot of sleep) to actually go out for dinner, so I requested my mother make CKT for dinner. Which she did! I love it when my mum makes CKT, she makes a portion for every person because everyone wants it slightly different. But this means sometimes she forgets things from batch to batch: in my case, chilli.


On my last night staying with my parents, we decided to cook some curries and things. Featured here are a vegetable curry (cooked by mum); a chana masala (cooked by me); and some gailan and mushrooms. OH YEAH this is one of my favourite meal sets.

Thanks, Perth! As always you were delicious.


CB said...

possible to have that vegan welsh cake recipe from your wonderful friend? they look amazing, and I've never had regular ones!

grahame said...

Those welsh cakes look exciting!

HayMarket8 said...

All of that food looks great!

steph said...

CB, I have asked Nan for the recipe!

grahame said...

Ooh, could I have the recipe as well if it's up for grabs?