Tuesday, 30 November 2010

empire iii: wherein i order too much food

coffee and the vegan menu at empire

Went to Empire on Friday with Lisa, who had yet to try out the new vegan menu.

Having heard so much about them, I finally got around to ordering the Spanish eggs with no eggs. Although I had been warned that it would be massive I still ordered a side of hashbrowns; in the end, the serve was really big, and I couldn't quite finish it. I didn't even attempt the bread, though I bet it would have been great. Happily Lisa had just enough room to sample some of the remaining beans, but I still felt folorn at leaving some behind. The spanish no-eggs are beans, mushrooms and vegan cheese in a rich and flavoursome napoli sauce. Mine was topped with avocado, which was just perfect, but usually it's topped with more vegan cheese.

It was delicius, and I will definitely order it again - and for $12, with such a massive portion, I think it's good value.

spanish eggs without the eggs

I love Empire. Tamara is great fun, and always accomodating of vegan requirements, and they stock Mr Nice Guy Vegan Cupcakes! I like to buy one or two to take home. And I'm going there again on Friday.

previous visits: one and two.

Empire Cafe
295 Sydney Road

Open from 10am weekdays (but give them time to set out the tables), and from 8.30 on weekends
Closed Tuesdays


Louise said...

i love living in richmond but it is pretty much a black hole when it comes to vegan brekkie options. this makes me sad!

Danni said...

@Louise: try Flaunt on Bridge Rd.

Girl on Raw said...

I think I need to plan at trip down to Melbourne, just to sample all these great restaurants I keep hearing about!