Wednesday, 18 August 2010

carmel valley chocolate

While I was in Perth, I took the opportunity to stock up on one of my favourite chocolate brands, Carmel Valley Chocolates. Carmel Valley is a locally made Perth chocolate, which I have not been able to find anywhere else. All of their stuff is vegan and gluten-free. They make cocoa chocolate, and carob chocolate, but I far prefer the cocoa chocolate.

Sadly, when I ventured in to Fresh Provs to stock up, they only had a couple of cocoa varieties, and a whole stack of carob varieties! I ended up going with three: my old favourite the hint of orange; and two new flavours, lime and coconut, and pistachio and mandarine.

delicious chocolates

Choc Mint: this is an old favourite, it is delicious. It has just the right amount of orange to chocolate flavour for me.

Lime and Coconut: I liked the coating of dessicated coconut over the top, that was a nice touch; sadly it tasted like cough medicine, and the block has been languishing in the pantry, as neither Danni nor I can bring ourselves to finish it.

Pistachio and Mandarine: the mandarin is so subtle as to be indistinguishable, but the chocolate is nice enough to carry it through, and the pistachio additions are nice. Without the pistachio additions, though, I suspect that this would be a bit bland.

Hannah has also reviewed the coffee bean chocolate.


Hannah said...

Squee! *waves* Hi! (I'm sorry, that was really exciting to me, seeing my name there...)

I wish these were available across Australia - the company seem to be really trying, in terms of coming up with innovative flavours. I'm sad to hear the lime and coconut didn't go down well - I was excited when you mentioned it.

I'd also be keen to try the carob bars. So, Carmel Valley, if you're listening... Canberra wants your goodies! :P

steph said...

Hannah, if you want to try out the lime and coconut I will send three quarters of a block to you!