Saturday, 21 August 2010

brunch at green tambourine, brunswick

At the beginning of July, posters started appearing on poles around Brunswick. Green Tambourine! Middle of July! Well, middle of July came and went, and finally, at the very end of July, Green Tambourine opened up on Albion Street.

Just after it opened I had wandered in, on a quest for vegan muffins (they are closer to my house than A Minor Place), which they allegedly had, but they had sold out, and I promised myself that I could go there earlier in the day eventually. But funnily enough, I don't really go out for brunch that often, unless I have a reason. I rarely organise to meet people for brunch just because.

And then, Danni's parents came to town for the weekend! So it seemed like a confluence of events! A SIGN!

beans at green tambourine

I went for beans. The beans come all on their lonesome, so I ordered some toast to go with it. I totally didn't need the toast! The beans were so filling and delicious on their own (though the toast was quite nice too), that the bread was nothing but a delightfully unnecessary aside! But I ate it all up anyway - I do wish, however, that it hadn't been plain, which I assume is a side effect of asking for no butter. The beans were filled with chickpeas, white beans, and kidney beans, and had a mild tomatoey flavour. Lovely!

mushies at green tambourine

Danni went for the mushrooms, without the feta. The mushrooms were also very lovely, nice flavour.

All in all, a nice experience. The decor and ambiance is fun, too - a wood fire in one of the rooms, and the cabinet filled with goodies by the door. Lots of outdoor tables, too, for milder, less cold days.

Prices were ok. My beans cost $9, which is a bit pricey for a bowl of beans and no toast, but given how filling it was, I'll forgive it. Will definitely return again (I still have to try the muffin), especially as it's so close to my house!

Meveg at Eat More Vegies has also reviewed Green Tambourine!

Green Tambourine
179 Albion St

gf available


Anonymous said...

The beans look good, will have to check it out next time i'm over brunswick way.

Toby said...

Thank you for taking one for the team. I heard bad thing about the coffee.

Unknown said...

Beans look great. Will have to try them next time. Been there twice already. Toby, the coffee is five senses. Its really good!! If you are like me I am not particular about anything in life except for my coffee!! I think I drive all Barista's insane with my requests. Green Tambourine got it right on both visits. Friendly staff and nice looking place too.Can't wait for the sunshine to sit out the front :)

Jessica said...

Love both the beans and the mushrooms, but didn't they offer vegetables as a side?

Either way, the food looks quite delicious!

Danni said...

@Toby: the coffee isn't bad, but perhaps a tiny little bit bitter.