Friday, 30 October 2009

other people's recipes

One of the greatest things about blogs is the sharing aspect - you make friends, you read other people's blogs, and sometimes they post really awesome things!

lentil stew

Carla posted this recipe for lentil stew. I bookmarked it, and then sj made it and said how delicious it was (very!), so it moved up on the 'to make' list.

It is super easy, and really tasty. It was fast, and it filled the house with delicious smells. I skipped the vinegar, and added dried chilli flakes, and used a mix of green and red lentils (mostly green). Delicious, and definitely on the repeat list.

tempeh bolognaise

Then SJ posted her lasagna recipe. It is very much not vegan, but she makes a tempeh bolognese sauce for it, and it looked super delicious for a pasta sauce, so I gave it a go, and it was also very delicious! The tempeh is crumbled and fried, and then simmers for quite some time in red wine and tomatoes and herbs and spices, and it has a fantastic flavour and it was an excellent and relatively easy pasta. Grating the carrots and zucchini was a bit of a pain, though. Also, I really didn't notice the carrots or zucchini when I was eating, so - a great way to hide vegetables? I omitted the celery from this recipe, and wilted some spinach at the end in the pasta.

Again, definitely going on repeat. Very tasty!

Hooray bloggers sharing things!


BrisVegan said...

They both look great!

Penny said...

The tempeh bolognese especially looks really good, I think I might have to try it!

Seitahn said...

Hi Steph.
Just got your comment about the Jane Austen books. That would be fantastic!!! Can you email me at
and we can organise meeting up
Thanks heaps - Tweenie is excited!

steph said...

Penny, do, it was delicious - and easy!

Thanks, BrisVegan!

Jessica L Caneal said...

What size can of tomatoes did you use for the bolognese? I used the 32oz but it didn't seem like enough :-(

steph said...

Hey Jessica, I used two 400ml cans of tomatoes, which is about the same amount as you used! Did you use all the juices as well? How much tempeh did you use?

Jessica L. Caneal said...

Yes I used the entire can and also 8 oz package of tempeh. Not sure where I went wrong, but next time I am going to omit the celery as well :-)

Thanks for responding!