Monday, 19 October 2009

la panella bakery, preston

I had the most delicious doughnut ever this weekend. It was a chocolate coated doughnut with jam in the middle. It was amazing!

jam donut from la panella

Other goodies included an apple pie, jam tarts, an apple scroll, and jam doughnuts. Have yet to try the apple scroll but everything else: AMAZING.

jam tart from la panella

Also: pies from la panella. Eerily meaty in consistency, best eaten as a take-home and heated up to a crisp in the oven. OH YEAH.

pie from la panella

Everything that is vegan says 'vegan' on the label, so it's easy to spot what's suitable for vegans. Not gluten-free in the slightest.

La Panella Bakery
465 High St
(open seven days)

(disclaimer: these photos are of a previous visit to la panella)


Michelle (Health Food Lover) said...

Hi Steph,

I've been there! I'm a not a vegan, so I was quite suprised that the pie was pretty good! What is it made out of, tvp?

Have you been to Lord of the Fries, in melbourne city? Its all vegan (i'm pretty sure) and most people wouldn't know the burgers are made out of tvp!(I'm not sure the shop would be as popular as it is if people knew lol!) But it's good.
And I think the chips are cooked in a vegetable oil too.

Michelle (Health Food Lover)

Theresa said...

I went there and got a donut when I was in Melbourne last year--so good!

Vegetation said...

Mmm I want that donut! And that pie!!! And that tart!!! YUM!

steph said...

Hi Michelle, they have a "meat" pie that I think is mock meat (but I'm not sure), and a mushroom pie.

I have been to LotF on Elizabeth, and today I went to LotF in Northlands, which is a sit down restaurant! That was cool.

Theresa, it's pretty awesome. The donuts are amazing. And Vegetation, the tart is DELICIOUS. They have red and yellow tarts, and they're both fantastic.

I'm Philippa O said...

i heart la panella!

Mandee said...

I want that donut!!!

Jarrod said...

FYI: LotF Pies = La Panella pies

Anonymous said...

I know this is from 3 years ago but I was looking around for La Panella bakery reviews before actually going in to purchase food from there. I heard so much about their sausage rolls and went in to get them but I couldn't find it! So I decided to get an apple pie and a coffee scroll instead. However as I was about to leave, I spotted a small heated oven thingie on the top left that housed the mushroom pie and sausage rolls. I decided to get the sausage roll I had heard so much about. However, as I ate it on the way home I realised it was spoit. It smelt spoilt and tasted bad. Very very disappointed. THeir apple pie tastes really good but it's cold. I haven't tasted their coffee scroll yet so I can't tell you about it. I'm so disappointed about their sausage roll. I was hoping to go back for their mushroom pie but if it's kept in the hot oven thing to be kept warm like the sausage rolls... who knows how long it might have been sitting there. Just wanted to let people know that's all.