Monday, 10 November 2008

the juicy beetroot, fremantle

tofu burger from the Juicy Beetroot

We ignored Melbourne Cup day last Tuesday by adventuring down to Fremantle to visit the Juicy Beetroot for lunch. Happy Cow tells me that Juicy Beetroot is ‘vegetarian-friendly, not 100% vegetarian’ but I’ve never seen anything available there that isn’t vegetarian. They do gluten-free cakes and allegedly vegan cakes, though I’ve never seen any of the latter.

D and I shared a tofu burger and a large bowl of mixed curries. The large really is very large, and the burger was massive. I enjoyed both the beetroot-ness of the burger and the fact that it was a giant chunk of tofu, something of which I am not usually a big fan. The curries included an aloo muttar-y thing, a dahl and some mixed veggies. They were very tasty curries. We also had a couple of mixed juices, I had an orange and ginger, as I often do, and D had the house juice without the celery, which was pretty tasty. All up it cost us about $30ish dollars, which was cool for a big, tasty, vegan meal.

mixed curries from the Juicy Beetroot

The Juicy Beetroot
Tum Tum Tree Lane
132 High Street


Cindy said...

That could be the chunkiest tofu burger I've ever seen! What was the flavour of it like?

I likewise try to avoid Melbourne Cup day - in past years I've worked from home, and this time I had a short holiday a long way from the races.

a vegan about town said...

I will admit to a very large amount of difficulty involved in biting in to the burger, there was lots of mess everywhere and down my arm.

The flavour was good! I personally tend to find huge chunks of tofu a bit off-putting, with a funny sort of smoky taste, but this one I found sort of fresh and light and squishy but in a good way. I realise none of that is a flavour, sorry.

CeciLiA said...

Oh oh!! I went to Juicy Beetroot twice this year :D I always get the salad combo when I'm there ... I LOVE the broccoli salad, brown rice, tofu & seaweed (?) salad ... Ah, I must try the dahl curry when I head there next time :) thanks for the review!

moonbug said...

Perhaps update Happy Cow if they are now totally vegetarian? I recall them having some fish dish on the menu years ago which might be the reason why it's listed as such.

Burger looks very yummy!

Anonymous said...

Good For you - my husband and I are vegetarian and find it so hard to go out in Perth, I am going to try this place!

a vegan about town said...

Cecilia, I have yet to try the salads (I have a dislike of many salad dressings) but I admit they did look very tasty!

Moonbug, I don't know, the idea of updating Happy Cow is a bit intimidating. What if I'm wrong?! But I've not seen fish on their menu at all this year.

Anon, give it a go! There are a couple of really great places to get awesome vego food in Perth, I swear. :o)

Sarah said...

This place NEEDS to be open better hours. I love their tofu burger. Their food just always makes me feel good, healthy, and full!

a vegan about town said...

Juicy Beetroot definitely needs better hours. I often go years between visits just because they're not open on weekends. I understand why they're open funny those hours, but it's so frustrating for those of us who work full time!

Lisa Dempster said...

That tofu burger looks AMAZING.

a vegan about town said...

Lisa, I am not usually a big chunk of tofu fan but it was amazing, slightly marinated and really nicely cooked. I loved it!

eloise said...

i had possibly the greatest slice of my life at JB about a month ago. i can still taste it. oh my god. so i can confirm they have vegan cake!

it was a granola and date slice, and i could taste cardamom- had an indian/middle eastern kind of flavour. amazing. the filling was so soft, and there were chopped nuts all through it.

and it was HUGE.

a vegan about town said...

Oh Eloise, now I really want to go to Juicy Beetroot as soon as possible! I don't have time to go there!