Saturday, 10 May 2008

things that are tasty and simple: nachoes

This is a really simple recipe for nachoes. I can't help you with the beer, I'm afraid.

nachoes and beer

chili flakes (lots)
1 can kidney beans (drained)
3 tomatoes (diced)
1 brown onion (diced)
tomato sauce
corn chips


Fry the onion and all the herbs etc and the tomato sauce. The amounts are not specified because I just tend to go with what I'm feeling, usually a little more on the spicy things and a little less on the leafy things, but your tastes will vary, of course. I would recommend, however, no more than a shake or three of each.

Fry the above for about ten minutes, or until the onion has become soft and translucent. Add the tomatoes and simmer for another ten minutes with the lid on, then add the kidney beans. Simmer with the lid off for five minutes. Serve on nachoes, topped with some sort of tasty guacamole. I like to use Matthias' guacamole recipe, located here, but halving the amount of red onion.

Just a note that you should be careful buying the corn chips if you're making this recipe to be gluten-free, though of course you knew that.

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Leon Brooks said...

Got referred here by your dear house-bound via PlanetLA.

Good to see simple (as in, even _I_ can cook them) recipes up, good to see you getting creative & having fun.

I’ve been hooked on vegweb for some years now, but will keep an eye out here also (non-US measurements are welcome too :-)