Saturday, 17 May 2008

malaysian gourmet

I was so excited when Malaysian Gourmet first opened, they made all my favourite comfort foods like laksa, kopitam, and char kuay teow. Then I went veg, and all those wonderful home foods were so close but so far, like taunting me.


I can still get a good kuay teow, though, and a fantastic Singapore maifan, so all is not lost. The beehoon was loose and sweet, and the kuay teow was char just right, just enough sauce and the choy sum just tender.

Price was a bit of a shock, it's been at least six months since I was last there and it's now $8.00 a dish, but it's still so tasty. I really do hope I can find a random Malaysian place when we move, or I'll be venturing back here more often than I might otherwise.

Malaysian Gourmet
Broadway Fair

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