Monday, 23 June 2014

3G Restaurant [vancouver]


We went to 3G in Vancouver and when we arrived at 11:30 on a Saturday morning it was EMPTY so I was unsure but Alex and Liz assured me it would be good and it was. 3G is a vego Chinese restaurant with clearly labeled vegan options (good work). 

3G is fill in the boxes rather than come around with trolleys; we picked a selection of yum cha and lunch items, though a few (GLUTINOUS RICE WITH CHICKEN) were unavailable. From the yum cha menu we went: prawn dumplings (steamed), fried bok choy dumplings, fried tofu skin, sesame balls, char siu bao, fried meat puff and spring rolls. From the lunch menu we got chicken drumsticks and a fried noodles dish. 

This was a lovely start to my first full day in Vancouver. The chicken was very crispy, and surprisingly made of gluten rather than tofu skin (as I’m used to). The tofu skin fried was a highlight, it was like a murtabak in many ways, so light and crispy and filled with something delicious.

Baozi was light and fluffy and not too doughy, a nice ratio of dough to char siu. 

The sesame balls and the meat puff were not my thing, made of that really chewy flour that I haaaate enduring at yum cha. 

Only one photo because you know what yum cha looks like: it looks like fried and/or steamed things. YES. 

3424 Cambie Street

Ordering at the table, toilet hard to get to, no step to enter (I think? Maybe). Menu in English + Chinese characters. Not really much GF. 


Veganopoulous said...

There are times when I prefer to make sounds in my comments than use words, so my sound is a big eeeeeeeeeeee of envious excitement. I really need a good vegan yum cha/dim sum fix. And I don't mean the Ho Mai Entertainer Yum Cha box in the freezer... said...

I loved those chicken drumsticks! I had an awesome tofu and broccoli dish at 3G too, I wish it was nearer to me!

Cindy said...

I don't mean to sound ungrateful while I am travelling and eating many delicious things, but oh geez I have not had yum cha in a very long time and I miss it very much.

steph said...

@veganopoulous IT WAS SO GOOOD. Have you ever made it to the yum cha at vegie hut in box hill? yay! I'm so glad I got to go.

@cindy Hey I am pretty jealous of some of the stuff you have eaten. MAYBE WE SHOULD GO TO BOX HILL SOON?

Cindy said...

Yes yes yes.