Wednesday, 27 February 2013

accidentally vegan

One of the things I love is when you pick up a packet of something that is surely not vegan and miraculously, accidentally it is! (I'm looking at you, Arnott's BBQ Shapes and Nanna's Lite Apple Pies).

For the good of all vegankind, or at least those who will be attending the Melbourne Queer Film Festival this year, in the comments I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me your favourite accidentally vegan lollies! I specify accidentally, because I don't think the budget will stretch to delicious lollies that are carried by Radical Grocery or are otherwise more costly than generic packets you get at your IGA.

Sherbies are still vegan, I think. And those hard jubes from K-Mart.


narf7 said...

Every year at Christmas K-Mart put out those small boxes of Turkish Delight, they are vegan! Lots of sweets are vegan...just head into one of the big 2 supermarkets and have a squiz at the ingredients list. They are too tight these days to use gelatine and so lots of sweets are accidentally vegan by virtue :)

Anonymous said...

Woolworths/Safeway home brand jelly beans are vegan!!!
Tahnea (too lazy to log I to my google account!)

Carla said...

I dont know if all of these are still valid but here's my list