Sunday, 21 September 2008

more from vegan indulgence

I thought I'd best save them up, instead of posting them one by one.

passionfruit melting moments

Tried the passionfruit melting moments (p. 34). I managed to get closer to the suggested twenty melting moments this time. I also had a surplus of filling, which I later used to pad out the topping for the orange and figsultana slice. The passionfruit filling was a lot less stiff than the chocolate one, which is something to remember for the future - it made putting the cookies together that little bit difficult. I used all gluten-free ingredients for this one, and they all subbed in just fine.

orange and sultana cake (not slice)

My parents live out in the Swan Valley, so whenever they leave their house they have to drive past orchards and fields of trees and vines and things. All year round they provide us with fruit and vegetables fresh from that morning, and I'll sometimes hold off on buying fruit and veges because the stuff they can buy is so much tastier than the stuff from Coles. Last week my parents turned up with a huge bag of oranges, the last of the season, and I started wondering what I could do with them. So I thought I'd give the orange and fig slice (p. 32) a go. Didn't have any fig, so used sultanas, and the oranges I've got right now are perfect, they're juicy with thick skin and no seeds. Fantastic! End result is this not-slice - didn't really have the heaviness of a slice, looked and felt more like a flat cake, but no complaints, because it is delicious all the same.

berry chocolate cake

Friends over for dinner last night (post to follow), so in between making the soup and starting the main course I baked the choc cherry squares (p. 16). I didn't have any cherries but I did have some fresh strawberries, so I cut them up tiny and used them instead. Similarly, had no chocolate pieces so I subbed for gigantic squares of chocolate that I'd tried to smash up, with varying success. I found that the baking time was a bit shorter than suggested, 32 minutes rather than 40. Still, end product was super tasty, we had it after we broke from playing mahjong.

I love this book, it's great. I realised I hadn't linked to it in any of my previous posts, but you can buy it online from aduki press here.


Susan said...

Sounds like we're making all the same recipes from this book! Your pictures look great. And I love the idea of chocolate and strawberry squares for a variation.

a vegan about town said...

Hi Susan! I'm really excited by the recipes in the book, I'm quite enjoying it all. The chocolate + strawberries worked great, I defintely recommend them as a variation.


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ZuckerBaby said...

Wow, look at you go!! Everything looks so good, I'm so glad you're having such a fun time with the book!! It makes me very proud and happy!

The strawberry/chocolate combo sounds numtious!! I can't wait to see what you do next!

-Leigh Drew-

a vegan about town said...

I love this book, I don't think I can stress that enough. ;o)