Thursday, 14 August 2008

pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach triangles

I love puff pastry. Pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach are all delicious, but wrapped in puff pastry they are nomlicious. I arrived home on Tuesday, bored and tired thanks to my Industrial Ecology lecture, and D was spooning the mixture into the puff pastry and covering the kitchen in oil, it was a great way to come home, especially as the kitchen started to fill with the smell of baking pastry.

Of course the fact that this recipe was created by D is why it uses frozen spinach. I am just disclaimering!

sweet potato, pumpkin and spinach puffs

pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach triangles

one sweet potato
one half small butternut pumpkin
one packet of frozen spinach
three large sheets of puff pastry
poppy seeds
oil to brush

Boil and mash sweet potato and pumpkin. Soften/warm up the spinach, combine with the sweet potato and pumpkin, and add rosemary and sage to taste. We used dried herbs, but fresh would work fine.

Cut each sheet into quarters. Spoon approximately two tablespoons of mixture into one corner of each square. 'Approximately' because my heaped tablespoon might be heaped much higher than yours, so use your judgment. Fold corner to corner and seal and crimp with a fork (on both sides). Brush both sides with oil, shake some poppy seeds on top. Bake for about 30 minutes at 190C.


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Anonymous said...

I tried these tonight when faced with a partial can of pumpkin puree, some baby spinach wilting in the refrigerator, a lonely sweet potato, and some rapidly-graying fresh sage. I added some sauteed fine-chopped onions to the recipe along with some red chile flakes. I used fresh rosemary, which intensified in flavor somehow as the turnovers cooked in the oven. Overall, very yummy! Using 1 sweet potato, most of a can or pumpkin puree, one small package fresh baby spinach, and 1/3 of a large sweet yellow onion, I had enough filling for about 16 turnovers. (Now I need to go back to the store and get more puff pastry so I can bake off the rest.)