Tuesday, 3 June 2008

annalakshmi on the swan, perth

at annalakshmi

Annalakshmi has been operating in Perth for several years, and can also be found in several countries - we visited the one by Chinatown when we were in Singapore recently.

Annalakshmi is a vegetarian Indian restaurant that operates on the 'pay what you feel' system. The food is prepared and served by volunteers, and they're always really good about letting us know what has ghee and what doesn't - and most of the time very few things have been cooked in ghee. The meals are all from a buffet, a few different rices, some delicious potatoes and a whole lot of curries of various spiciness. The food is always tasty, and I often go back for seconds. I always feel that I should return more often, because the setting is beautiful and, as I said, the food is great, and I recommend it heartily to all. L + M came with us, L having never before been, and they enjoyed it also.

Annalakshmi On The Swan
Jetty 4
Barrack Sq
(up the stairs, just behind the Belltower)

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