Thursday, 17 April 2008

wedding banquet #2 (jade palace seafood restaurant)

My aunts arranged the second of our wedding banquets, as they had all been unable to attend the first in Australia. We arrived at Jade Palace to discover its full name is Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant. A hissed conversation ensued, a mix of Cantonese, Malay and English, before my aunt reassured us that all the vegetarian weddings were held there.

Seated by a wall of fishtanks filled with poor creatures doomed to eventually become someone's dinner, we were treated to the most delicious vegetarian Chinese food I have ever eaten. We had eight courses of food, most of which I only rarely eat in Australia, the courses as follows: entree/pick pick, tofu + vege soup, crispy fried mock chicken, fish, wintermelon in sauce, prawns and squid, mixed vegies, and sweet longan for dessert.

It continues to astound me how well some restaurants cater for vegetarianism, and how poorly others grasp it. In Penang we had an eight course vegetarian wedding feast, conforming to the traditions, catered entirely by a seafood restaurant; in a seafood restaurant in Australia, I would struggle to find a single dish on the menu that I could eat.

Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant
3F Choo Plaza
41 Abu Siti Lane
Georgetown, Penang


s-j said...

The squid and prawns look delicious. om nom nom.

Unknown said...

I am so happy you had a beautiful celebration meal that was a gift from your aunties to you. :)