Thursday, 6 May 2010

sigiri sri lankan restaurant, northcote

A couple of weeks ago we were talking about Sri Lankan food, and realised that, aside from what Esala sometimes cooks at FOE, we hadn't eaten Sri Lankan food in a while! So we did some googling and discovered one in Northcote that looked interesting and, since we were fortuitously out that way to see a gig at the Wesley Anne, we thought we'd check it out!

Although the staff member on the phone was not very positive when I was making the booking ("you know we have buffet on friday and saturday nights, and if you want to order from the menu it might take a while..."), once we were on site the staff were very helpful. We arrived at seven and needed to be out of there by 20:15, and there were four of us, and this totally happened!


Advice from the staff was that for four people, we needed two curries. This was not true! However it was too late by this point, and we just pushed through and got hungry by the end of the gig.

Pictured above is the parippu, red lentils cooked in coconut cream. This was quite good!

Pictured below is an aloo something that doesn't appear to be on their online menu and I can't remember what it is. It had a bit of a lime-y flavour, and was probably my favourite! It was not heavy at all, despite its appearance.

potato curry of some sort

Food was cheap ($28 for the four of us, including a bread of somesort), the service was prompt and good. I would probably go again if I were in the area, but might not make a special visit.

Sigiri Sri Lankan Restaurant (be prepared for a step back in time at that webpage)
338 High Street

gf appears to be available but I'm not super positive


Shelley said...

That place is famous for its hoppers, although we didn't get any the time we went (also pre-gig). While the food was super tasty, we also made the mistake of going on buffet night. $25 a head! And obviously not everything was vegetarian-- I had a choice of two or three curries, I think, and the condiments/pickles (although those were pretty spectacular). Coming from Timor's $3.50 all-you-can-eat Sri Lankan buffet (which is definitely not as good, but not THAT much worse), it was a bit of a shock to the system.

Vicki said...

Good lord their website is hideous! The red lentil dish looks really good.

matt said...

will definitely check this place out next time i'm in melbourne. sri lankan food is so good!

steph said...

@shelley, yeah, that's why we didn't bother with the buffet! and at $28 for all four of us, that worked out ok. Danni was worried maybe we hadn't left enough money!

@vicki every time i load that page, i feel like the 90s are calling...

@matt i agree! it was good!

Penny said...

Omg the webpage!!!! Love it!!!!

Eurasian Sensation said...

Shoulda done the buffet, it's pretty good! $25 per head is not that much to pay in this day and age (although in my student days it may have given me palpitations).

Sri Lankan food is not as vegetarian-friendly as Indian food; however, unlike Indian food they don't tend to use dairy in their dishes, so if a dish is described as vegetarian it is probably also vegan.

Gluten free would be a given for most of their stuff too, I'd imagine, since they aren't in the habit of putting flour in curries and things.